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We Tell Your Product’s Story

We are Pacific Islanders working on solving some of the biggest challenges in fisheries and agriculture.

In doing this, we are reimagining how technology can be applied to address the provenance and traceability of our fisheries and agriculture products entering the global market.

We offer our innovative traceability solution to digitally record and track your products from bait-to-plate or farm-to-table.

We are pioneers in the use of blockchain technology for traceability that can foster greater transparency and better returns for communities in the Pacific.

We tell your customers the story about your products.

Our solution fosters collaboration between stakeholders, leverages and integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and facilitates transparency by providing regulators with the means of verifying and validating end-to-end forward and backward traceability of seafood and agriculture  products.

Complete, Digital Traceability

End-to-end digital traceability for your seafood and agriculture products.

Electronic authorisations

Electronic Authorisations

Seamlessly generate mandatory permit applications for efficient lodgement and processing by government agencies.

Real time analytics

Real Time Analytics

Gain timely insights on your operations from your data with our analytic tools.

Ultimate transparency

Ultimate Transparency

Future-proof the traceability of your products with our integrated blockchain solution.









Latest News

Our latest news and blog posts from our TraSeable Solutions HQ, as well as internationally during our travel.

Should Pacific Island agribusinesses pursue blockchain traceability for their agri produce?

This post is inspired by an exchange on a kava industry group chat about traceability using blockchain technology and its application in the lucrative Pacific kava industry. It aims to serve as a resource [...]

“Blockchain is really exciting technology because it’s providing not only transparency but also agility in a contractual relationship that any organisation should have.”


Who We Have Worked With

We pride ourselves in working with quality and internationally trusted partners to ensure complete transparency and security in in all aspects of our operations.

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary Fijian tech start-up committed to providing a collaborative traceability software-as-a-service product solution for fisheries and agriculture.

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