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Pacific innovators win awards to scale-up their ICT tools for improving nutrition and value chain development

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Three teams of ICT innovators from Fiji and the Solomon Islands were each awarded €5,000 Euros after being declared winners of the CTA/IFAD/Pacific 2018 Innov4AgPacific Agri-Hack Competition that was held in the Kingdom of Tonga. […]

Blockchain’s Movable Feast: How The Tech Is Changing Food Supply Chains – Forbes Online

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The abstract world of blockchain gets a whole lot more accessible as soon as you start talking about food and Food Supply Chains. All of a sudden, dizzying concepts like consensus mechanisms, hash rates and cryptography melt away, and what you’re left with is a nice juicy steak, cooked medium-rare. There is no bitcoin, ethereum [...]

Pioneering Blockchain Technology in the Pacific

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TraSeable Solutions Pte Ltd was founded in Fiji in 2017 by my wife, Shaunalee and I based on what we perceived as a growing need in the fisheries sector that was not being met. We both had fisheries experience behind us – Shaunalee having worked for Samoa’s Fisheries division and myself with the Pacific Islands Forum [...]

The Blue Economy and Traceability

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What is the Blue Economy? According to the World Bank, Blue Economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health. For a more bare-bones definition, the Blue Economy or Blue Growth as it is also known, can be thought of as any economic activity in [...]

New Blockchain Project has Potential to Revolutionise Seafood Industry – WWF

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Environmental organisation WWF and its partners have introduced revolutionary blockchain technology to the Pacific Islands’ tuna industry, the first of its kind for this region, to help stamp out illegal fishing and human rights abuses. Tracking fish from vessel to the supermarket, the Blockchain Supply Chain Traceability Project is using digital technology in the fresh [...]