TraSeable Fisheries

We provide a number of information products as a service to key stakeholders along the seafood supply chain. These products are delivered through our secure TraSeable cloud-based collaborative platform on a subscription basis.

TraSeable Fisheries Solution

TraSeable Farms

Our TraSeable Farms mobile app provides simple digital tools for farmers to stay up-to-date with current affairs of the agriculture industry; easily access information; record and manage their farm data; keep track of resources, inventory, sales and expenses, and helps create market linkages between all agriculture value chain stakeholders. The focus is on the following 5 key areas:

  • Access to information – Learn from our list of curated training content for farmers and stay informed with all agriculture-related opportunities, news and events nearby.

  • Efficient record keeping – No more hassle of carrying around paper records that can easily be misplaced, dirtied or get wet if not properly stored. Access simple digital tools to record, manage and access your farm records from anywhere using your mobile phone.

  • Improved farm management – Identify trends and gain insights on your farm’s performance through simple analytics to help improve your productivity and profitability

  • Market linkages – Connect with other agriculture value chain stakeholders through our online buy and sell feature.

  • Traceability and transparency – Keep daily logs of all your farm activities including tillage, planting, spraying, fertilizer application, harvest, sales and expenses. Track and trace each commodity from farm-to-plate. View activity history of each block, pond and animal.

TraSeable Farms Solution

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We are a multi-disciplinary Fijian tech start-up committed to providing a collaborative traceability software-as-a-service product solution for fisheries and agriculture.

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