At Traseable we believe that gender inclusion is essential to creating and ensuring access to technology that will enable equal participation, access to information, and opportunities in the Pacific agriculture and fisheries sectors. 


In the traditional structure of many Pacific Island communities women hold positions of reverence but they do not often have an equal say in decisions relating to resources. Nor are they encouraged into work that is typically seen as being for men. Empowering women with information and technology will give them a greater voice in the sustainable use of their resources which will benefit their families, communities, and countries. We believe this is the right thing to do.

At Traseable, we are motivated by how the technology we are creating can positively impact  Pacific Island farmers and fishers. We are encouraged by the growing adoption of these tools by women that connect them to relevant information, training opportunities, and markets. At Traseable we can take this one step further and use our platform to promote gender equality  by connecting  women to technology and to close the digital gender divide. 


We believe that change needs to occur on multiple levels and commit to fostering inclusive practices with our team, agriculture and fisheries partners, and Pacific Island communities. 

Our commitment includes:

  • Growing our team’s awareness, and practice, of gender inclusion
  • Analysing the distinct roles, responsibilities and needs of men and women in the technology, agriculture and fisheries contexts to underpin our work
  • Using this knowledge to make more  informed decisions in design processes, research, technology, and business administration and in turn, create more equitable opportunities and business growth for all genders in agriculture and fisheries

We believe this commitment is the stepping stone that will lead to a broader impact on businesses, communities and the Pacific Island agricultural, fisheries and technology sectors.