TraSeable Farms

Over the years, we have seen the increasing use of innovative and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones, virtual reality and sensor technology to help boost productivity and growth in the agriculture sector across the globe.

In the Pacific islands, agriculture and fisheries play a vital role in supporting economic growth, sustainable livelihoods and food security for the majority of the population. The use of digital technologies however in the Pacific’s agriculture industry is still in its infancy. This is partially due to the lack of technical skills and expertise needed to support the implementation of such technologies.

Inspired by the constant need to respond to our ever changing world and the fear of lagging far behind other developing countries that are already embracing technological advances in agriculture, we have developed an agriculture value chain application using mobile technology called Traseable Farms.

Traseable Farms is the result of a collective effort involving various stakeholders from Fiji’s agriculture industry. It is a platform for agriculture value chain stakeholders  to connect with one another, and access information as well as  simple digital tools for improved farm management. Traseable Farms focuses on the following key result areas:

  • Access to Information

  • Farm management

  • Best practices

  • Market linkages

  • Product provenance

We won 2 prize awards for Traseable Farms as a direct result of pitching competitions at the CTA sponsored 2018 Pacific AgriHack Lab in Tonga and the Innov4AgPacific/PIFON’s regional workshop on Investment Readiness and Financial Inclusion in 2019.

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